Taking It Easy

Hello bloggy friends!  I hope you are having a blessed summer.  I've been taking it easy and concentrating on being disciplined.  Also, we FINALLY got internet here at the house.  Such a huge blessing!

I've been fasting again.  This has been such an incredible experience!  Most of our church is on some sort of fast and people are growing by leaps and bounds!  Growing Spiritually and shrinking physically, that is!

You all showed a lot of interest the last time I posted on fasting so I think I'll post again and go into more detail.

You never know what God is going to do in your life!


Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Fasting, wow that's great! I hope to hear more from you soon. Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving feedback! Nice to meet you!


~Sandy said...

I got your comment about praying about doing emegency care. That would be wonderful, if you can!!! I've had a few emergency placements and most came in the middle of the night because they had nowhere else to send them. We need a safe place to send kids until a foster home match is found. I wish you all the best in what ever you decide. Just trust in God and He will guide you.

BTW...I always have a very hard time getting on your blog and I don't know why. Sometimes I have to wait on it to load for over an hour. I always get an error message on my screen that says the script on this site is to long. So I don't get to visit that often. However, I LOVE your blog. I love your heart for the word. It's always a blessing every time I stop by:)

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