Where there's a will, there's a way!

Determination!  That's what it was.  I had the determination that my body is going to be fit, healthy, and lookin good for my 40th birthday!  I was already on a good roll after the recent fast and still losing weight, but I desperately needed  to start exercising!

That is how my body works.  If I want to shed those pounds, eating healthy is great, but I HAVE to exercise.  It doesn't have to be strenuous.  Just do SOMETHING and my body will respond in a great way.

I got up feeling wonderful; that is one lasting benefit of fasting.  In the morning there is a renewed energy, a youthfulness.  It is really refreshing.  I decided that I have GOT to exercise, but I don't want to walk alone.  Confession time... I don't have any friends.  I have acquaintances, plenty of them. I thought about it for a minute and decided that Joyce Meyer would be a GREAT friend to walk with.  After all, I know her very well from watching her on TV several days a week! Wink wink...

I asked Double Espresso (12) if he knew where his MP3 player was.  I had downloaded some of Joyce's pod casts onto it; that would be perfect!  The answer came back "no."  My husband suggested that I use my phone to get on her website and listen.  I tried that and it didn't work.

Ok, now I was gettin frustrated.  I was determined that I was going to train my brain while I train my body!  Then a thought came into my mind, "YouTube!"  Yes, Espresso (14 4/5) is always using my phone to watch YouTube videos.  So I clicked around, found Joyce Meyer on YouTube, and pressed play.  It loaded up great.  I was set or so I thought.  It wasn't loud enough to hear and walk outside.

Ok, now what do I do?  I thought about headphones.  Espresso has a pair that look like Princess Lea's side buns.  No, can't very well walk with those!  I do have SOME dignity!  Double Espresso has a pair that you stick inside your ears, so the search began.  We looked high and low.  Finally, in a bin in his room he found a pair that was all tangled up with 2 other thing-a-ma-jigs.

Determination rose up within me again.  I can do this; I'm a MOM!  I finally got them untangled, plugged them in, grabbed the fat dog, pressed play, and off we went.

Where there is a will, there is a way.  I was determined to get this body into shape.  I am going to get my youth back before it is too late and I pass over the 40 year hump!

Sometimes we have to put a lot of effort into getting what we want.  When we stir up the determination within us, and finally come to the point of victory, the reward is so much greater than if it were handed to us on a silver platter.  When we work hard at something and then accomplish it, it just feels good!

What are you working hard at?  What is that thing that's been hanging over your head that you need to do?  Stir it up!  Stir up the determination within yourself, set your mind to it and with Jesus, accomplish it!  He is a great partner.  He is great inspiration and He rewards a disciplined, obedient life!

Ok, my calves totally don't look like that...yet!   photo credit

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