Are You the Type

Are you the type of person who has several projects going on all at the same time?  I work best that way.

I live a fairly simple life outside of our home; we don't have a lot of sports, clubs and activities going on all at once.  I'm not the person who, when asked, says, "...oh we've been so busy..."  BUT, inside the house, if I don't have things going on, I can quickly get bored or into a rut!

Here is what I have going right now:

  • 1 Christian workbook
  • 2 Books
  • Studying Song of Solomon in depth
  • Mentoring 1 college age girl through the Bible
  • Homeschooling 2 boys (of course)
  • Redoing 1 chair
  • Redoing 2 lamps
  • Redoing some decorative wall items
  • Reorganizing our bedroom to make it more... romantic :)
  • Card making
  • Building a website for my future online ministry
  • Making devotional videos for online ministry
  • Etc.  LOL!

Although I have a lot going on all at once inside the home,  I can put just about any of them aside at any time and life will still go on.

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