Sometimes a mama's just got to protect what is hers!

Some things are just worth waiting for and when the boys get older and can appreciate it, they can have some.

What am I talking about you say?  Chocolate.  The goooood kind.  Grinning from ear to ear...

That's right, I hide my stash.  I purchase dark, dark, dark chocolate and keep it all to myself. Sometimes for months!

Now, before you say, "Awwwww.... the poor boys don't get any candy." Let me tell you, they do!  Although we don't live off of the stuff, my boys aren't candy deprived.

We went to a candy factory the other day and they got over a pound of gummies...  EACH!  What did I get?  I settled on a tiny, little, expensive bag of dark chocolate covered almonds, one dark chocolate haystack and one other little chocolate treat.  I made it last too!  I nibbled on that little treat like a mouse and enjoyed every morsel!

So, yes.  I hide my dark chocolate stash in the back of the fridge or freezer and if they stumble upon it, they know to leave it alone.  That's Mama's chocolate!

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