The Trinity in Light ~ Love's Immensity

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I've decided to publish my notes on this book I am reading.  This woman was amazing!  I really like her writings, although, I can't find a single thing about her on the internet other than her books.  I'd really like to know SOMETHING about her other than her titles and when she was born and died!

My Notes: 
Awesome quote: Page 16 “In the following pages…”  (Quote found here)
 “The love that pours forth from His wondrous Name…”

Great quote about the fragrance of a flower pouring it’s scent out even while unappreciated in the darkness.  How absolutely beautiful! Page 16-17

Chapter 1
Love Omnipotent ~ Elohim ~ God the Creator
Elohim is the plural of El (God) ~ 2500 times in original Manuscripts
Often used as a plural with a singular ~ Let US (plural) make man in our IMAGE (singlular).  Genesis

FATHER:  Gen 1:2,3 The Spirit of Elohim (plural Gods) was moving over the surface of the waters. Then Elohim said, “Let there be light”

SON:  Eph 3:9 “…God who created all things”   (My note: Col 1:13-16)
John 1:3 ALL things came into being through Him

HOLY SPIRIT:  Job 26:13 “By His breath (ruach: wind((Spirit)) the heavens are cleared (garnished: brightness ((from to glisten)).

Light consists of 3 rays:
The first originates (invisible light~neither seen nor felt)
the second formulates (both seen and felt) illuminates or manifests
and the third consummates (not seen but is felt as heat).

God the Father - neither seen nor felt
God the Son - both seen and felt
God the Holy Spirit - not seen but is felt

God~ the Light of the World!!!


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