Are You "Lucky?"

Lucky, now that's a word we often hear!  You lucky duck!  Wow! You got lucky on that one!  Yeah, if you were lucky you would have...

"Lucky" used to be a regular word in my vocabulary until I discovered what luck was and that it isn't for God's children!  You can't possibly be both "lucky" and "blessed."  Either good gifts come from God (James 1:17) or you are "lucky!"

What is luck?  I found it defined this way:  A series of happy accidents.

So, as Christians, children of the Most High God, are we correct in saying we are lucky or would our words be true if we said we are blessed?

I choose to be blessed by my Heavenly Father.  I do not choose "luck!"

Here is my video on the subject:

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Sassy Granny ... said...

If luck is nothing more than "happy accidents", it's no wonder people are soooo discouraged.

I'm with you: I'll take the sure thing any day! God promises a life of abundance, and boy does He deliver! I may not win at a slot machine; and I may not fit the world's model of "success", but I wouldn't trade my richly bountiful life for anything!

Good blessings on you!

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