Ewww... Bug problem!

There were bugs in my bathroom!  

I kept noticing these little gnat like creatures on my mirror in the bathroom.  I would take a towel and kill them but the next time I went in there, there would be just as many as before ~ even more!

What in the world?  Where were these little buggers coming from?  It's not like I had tomatoes and fruit in the bathroom for them to be drawn to.  They kept showing up on the mirror.
I did notice that there was something a little different about these "gnats."  They had a little red on their head.  Soon I realized that they were baby flies!  Double EWWW!!  

My bathroom is clean!  Where could flies be nesting?  

Enter: Good ol' Google!  

Around here, I'm known as the Google Queen.  I can find just about anything on Google.  

So, I Google searched it and discovered that these little buggers weren't gnats at all.  They were baby flies.  Where do they live and how can I get rid of them?

Come to find out, they lay their eggs in your drain!  EWWWW!!  That's right ladies.  They are called "drain flys" or dare I say... "sewer flies."  Then, they hatch, fly out of your sink, and wind up congregating on the mirror!

The website said to dump drain cleaner down the drain and that takes care of the problem.  Simple solution to a very gross issue.

The question is, how many gross issues do we have in our lives?  Flies/issues just show up from what seems to be nowhere and cause problems.  The truth is, there lies a deep issue that we can't see from the outside.  

What do we see?  A cute little family.  A happy little marriage.  A clean house.  A landscaped yard with pretty flowers.  Oh, and let's not forget the ADORABLE little munchkins children!

But what's underneath all that pretty?  Where are those flies/issues coming from?  Everything looks so perfect on the outside but on the inside... there's discouragement, a lack of peace, no joy, frustration, a downcast soul.

God knows.  He sees deep down that drain/heart.  He knows exactly what eggs have been planted and are hatching in our lives.  ....and only He can take care of it!  He can go down deep, into the depths of our heart and soul and take care of all our gunk!  Even if it has been there for YEARS!

Let the Holy Spirit minister to you.  Let Him go deep into those dark places that never seem cleaned out.  He will do it.  Just ask!

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