Saving Money on Groceries

I posted a while back about saving money on groceries.  I am still on a quest to do so without couponing.  I have so much I want to do (like making/selling handmade jewelry!) that doesn't involve sitting for hours cutting coupons and matching them to ads.  I know others have GREAT success with couponing as did I a couple of years ago but I am looking for alternative ways of saving.

Here are some things I have done and have been successful with so far:

  • Made a price book (which I will share with you later) for each store I shop at.
  • Made a customized shopping list.
  • Started using a budget!!!!  That's right!  And guess what? It's not a bad thing. It's really good!  Talk about FREEDOM! (More about that later as well.)
  • If I see a sale item while shopping, I check my price book and determine if it is a good buy. If it is, I stock up and purchase several.
  • When meat is on sale, and the deal is too good to pass up, I purchase a lot and freeze it.

I also do most of these tips from: Posh On a Budget Saving Money On Groceries

What do you do to save on groceries?

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