Jesus Blessed ME!

Last night, our church had a party for ladies.  There were free manis, pedis, facials, hand wax therapy, deserts... and even a chocolate fountain!  I had the privilege of washing women's feet alllll (almost 4 hours) night, just like Jesus.  Amen!  

I made a sugar scrub out of sugar, olive oil, and peppermint essential oil.  I started the session by reading Scripture and washing them with the Word.  As I scrubbed their rough, calloused, mama feet, I read more Scripture and blessed them.

This was one of the most humble positions I've ever been in.  One woman cried the whole time.  It was a moment, not between she and I, but between she and Jesus.  Another woman knew that she just needed to be blessed... even her feet.  Amen!

Little girls flocked to me.  They just wanted to be in the room and hang out as I washed these women's feet and washed their spirit with the Word of God.  Were they attracted to me?  No... they knew where the anointing of Jesus was and they wanted to BASK in it!  Hallelujah!

Not only did the little girls bask in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they wanted their feet washed as well.  Blessings be to them!  I had the ultimate privilege of washing these little girl's feet for the first time in their lives.  I blessed them in Jesus' name.

God is so good.  He blesses me over and over.  I am so happy to share His blessings with others.  

I hope to post pics as I get them.  :)

 photo credit: RaGardner4 via photopin cc

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Beautiful Mess said...

Always wanted to do a service like that

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