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Outside my window... is snow, snow, snow!!  We have been dumped on blessed with about a foot of snow in the last day or so.  Also, the temps have dropped to -15* with a wind chill of -54* !! That's CRAZY cold!

I am thinking... about how to be more productive in my business, blogging, learning, etc.  I can sit down to learn and never stop. That's good but... not so good.  ;)
I am thankful... that I reorganized my at home jewelry studio and am super excited about working in it tomorrow.  

In the kitchen... we are on the Atkins diet. It's ok.  I've lost almost 15 pounds but I'm tired of eating protein.  Thinking about changing it up.

I am wearing... my pj's...........still!  What can I say? It was a snow day.

I am creating... jewelry and lots of it! I've been selling the Midwife, Doula, Nurse-Midwife necklaces.  They are going like hot cakes. ...however hot cakes go....?

I am going... nowhere fast! I can't even see my driveway which is about a tenth of a mile long.

I am wondering... how to get a magazine style blog template for my Homeschool blog.

I am reading... through Luke.  I mostly read the Bible although I do occasionally like other books.

I am hoping... my seeds produce 100 fold!  LOL  I guess that is more faith than hope. ;)

I am looking forward to... learning deeper things of God... revelations straight from the Holy Spirit... love that!

I am learning... I am going to learn... how to lead a choir! 

Around the house... we are sort of bored. Snowed in and exhausting our creativity. At least we have electricity etc.  Actually, because I was sick, I've been stuck in the house for several weeks aside from going to church.
I am pondering... all kinds of things. I won't bore you with the details.

A favorite quote for today... found on Twitter: : People don't need "hyper-grace" as an license to sin - they were plenty good at that before grace anyway!”

One of my favorite things... is being creative. I LOVE it! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: create, love, inspire.

A peek into my day... my dog's ushy squishy cheeks sitting on my white fluffy robe.

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Melanie said...

I LOVE reorganizing my crafting area! It inspires all kinds of ideas. And your puppy's face is precious :)

Stay warm!

visiting from The Simple Woman's Daybook

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