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One way I save money... it works for me!

Once upon a time, Janet was hiking up Mt. Washmore (my laundry pile).  It was huge.  No matter how high one hikes up this mountain, she never reaches her destination.  ...smiles...

As Janet continued into the clouds on her hike, she found that she was out of fabric sheets.  Even though she knows FULL well that fabric sheets aren't healthy, she was being.... shall we say... lazy?  It was so convenient to just throw the sheet into the dryer.

What is an expert Mt. Washmore hiker to do when she is out of fabric sheets?  Oh wait!  She spotted a wash cloth just lying around.  It's actually in the shape of a fabric sheet.  (Does the shape matter? LOL)

Janet had the bright idea to wet the wash cloth, put a small amount of liquid fabric softener (which she got on sale for $1.66) on the cloth, and carefully throw it in the dryer with the laundry.  (She carefully put it in so that the liquid didn't get splattered right away on the laundry.)

Miss Janet discovered that her $1.66 fabric softener lasted for at least 4 months!  That is just .41 cents a month for fabric softener!  Approximately .01 cents per day!  (a day, not a load)

That's SOME savings!  ....Now if miss Janet could just figure out how to get her grocery bill down without super couponing...

*If you are the all natural kind of girl, you could really save on the expensive organic type of liquids as well.
*If you want to save even more, dilute your fabric softener with white vinegar... no it doesn't stink!

How do you save money? 
Do you use fabric softener or vinegar?

This post was an adjusted re-post to start my new series based off of a previous idea. ;)

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Bargainista Bre said...

What an awesome tip! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bre @ http://bargainistabre.blogspot.com

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