Works for Me Wednesday ~ Continue to Learn

So, what works for me this week?  LOL!  Learning. I am a..... woman in my forties and am still learning every day.  If a few days go by and I haven't learned something or had a great revelation in the Word (Bible), I feel like I'm slippin!  

Last week I set out to learn how to crochet.  So what works for me? YouTube! I learn on YouTube on an almost daily basis.  Please do not give me a book! Everyone learns differently and I learn by video and tutorial pictures. Do you know how you learn best?

I was on Pinterest and saw these totally adorable things made out of granny squares, so I set out to learn to make my own! 

First are photos of my progress and then I will include the video that I learned from. If you decide to do this, let me know! 

Do you crochet? I'd love to see your work.

(Forgive me. These aren't the best photos in the world.  I didn't set out to do a post about it, I was just recording my progress. ) ;)

I decided to take it bigger than a regular granny square and make a pot holder/trivet for the table. There are too many holes to use it for something out of the oven! LOL!!! Do Not Do That!

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