Works for Me Wednesday - Create

Have you ever sat down and had a desire to create or craft and didn't know what you would make or do?

I did that the other day. I had a bunch of necklaces that I decided I didn't want to sell and was left with several chains. I couldn't just let the chains go to waste so I got busy creating.

Basically, I started with some scraps. So take anything that YOU have whether it is scrapbooking papers, cork boards... etc. and think through the process of what you can make with it.

You can do a search on Pinterest for projects made with the scraps that you have.  For instance, do you have a bunch of old blue jeans?  There are oodles of diy projects you can do with jeans! Here is a Pinterest search for that: Pinterest Denim Projects

Now, get busy!  
  1. Find your scraps
  2. Do a Pinterest search for projects made with _____ whatever you have.
  3. Create!

This is the artsy necklace that I created and will be for sale in my shop soon.

I like it so much, I'm going to make another!
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