Beauty is as Beauty Does ~ BE Beautiful

I was having a conversation with a lady at church yesterday about what it means to be beautiful.

There have been people who come through Harvest that wonder (sometimes very skeptically) why the women at Harvest are so beautiful? Another question is why do the women look younger than what they are?

My answer to that is "beauty is as beauty does." A person's beauty depends a lot on how she acts and what she puts in. Eventually, what she puts in will start to show on the outside. 

If she puts in crud from the TV/movies etc. that will start to show in her countenance, or in her actions. 

I believe the women at Harvest are showing the glory of God and it is coming out in their looks. They glow because they have spent time with Jesus! 

Psalms 50:2 Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God has shined.

When God is in you, you shine! After all, through Jesus, we are the light of the world. When we spend time with Him it shows... on the outside.


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