My Etsy Shop Update and what are the faves?

Update on my Etsy shop:

Things are going wonderfully!  I am honored to be making special pieces for people.  I've gotten to make bridesmaid jewelry, custom jewelry for brides, and stamped disk jewelry for all kinds of gifts, etc.  

The other day, I had the privilege of making a custom necklace for a lady who had cancer.  Her friend stuck by her through it all and she wanted a special piece made for her dear friend.  (I'll tell more about that later.)

When people favorite my jewelry on Etsy, I can see what they clicked on.

So what are people's favorites lately?

*Hand stamped necklaces and bracelets

*Simple pearl jewelry

*Gallery pieces

Find them all right here:

Everything Beautiful Jewlery by Janet Powers

#disknecklace #bridesmaid #crossjewelry

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