Bible Journaling - Using the flow of the Holy Spirit for art

Photo credit: Bible Journaling

I have a new "hobby" or way of enjoying the Word. It's called, "Bible journaling."

As you read the Bible a passage may stand out to you and stir you. You then take some coloring pencils, stamps, and stickers (if you choose) and do artwork in the margin.

When I first saw this I loved it. My regular Bible looks like an art page anyway with all of the highlights and marks. (I'll post a pic of my Bible as well.)

So, here are some photos of what Bible journaling looks like. If you are interested, I can tell you what I bought for mine.

Here is a blog post on Bible journaling.  There are even Bible Journaling communites!

P.S. I think this is a great idea for young kids as well!

These 2 are are examples I found on Google:

This is my regular Bible.  It's quite colorful!

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