Espresso's Video Hobby

Espresso has quite a fascination with video making. He makes documentaries when we go on trips, videos gross things that the Moose does; he has that thing running all of the time. (Sometimes, I have to make him instantly delete a video because someone didn't know it was running and the result might be quite embarrassing!)

Often, he edits, adds sound effects, text, or music to his videos. Here is one of his recent videos that I thought was pretty cool.


H-Mama said...

very creative :)

which software does he use?

Latte Lady said...

He uses Windows Movie Maker.

At this point, I don't care if it is a silly video or not. It's the experience that I'm glad he is getting. He has taught himself how to edit and publish on youtube.

Anonymous said...

That's a deadly video! I really enjoyed it. It's cool the way you tied the t-shirt around your head :)

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