Snack Rations - Works For Me Wednesday

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Do you have a child who won't stay out of snacks? Besides discipline ideas (I'm not even going there) I have a creative way that "Works For Me!"

Take your snacks (cookies, granola bars, and especially sugary snacks) and put them in a large Ziploc bag. Mark the bag with your child's name and lay down the LAW!

"These are your snacks for the WEEK! Eat them in 3 days and they are gone. Eat them over a period of 6 days and you will have enough for the week! When you run out, you are done for the week!"

Now, you really have to mean it! You have to stick to your guns if your child eats their snacks too quickly. Otherwise it is useless.

I did this with the 2 Espressos and they had PLENTY of snacks left over for the next week. They were scared to pig out for fear that they would run out! LOL!!

For more WFMW tips, go to "We Are That Family".

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