Do You Create?

Writing activity from Jan Mader's blog: Ignite to Write!

No matter how old I get I will always:

Love to color and create!  My Dad, his brother and my brother are all artists so art was always a part of our lives while we were growing up.  I can remember using up all of my water color paints and needing more.  I used to be THRILLED with art kits.  You know the ones with markers, chalks, crayons, paints and sometimes oil pastels. 

Even to this day, I get excited and my creativity starts to stir when I see art supplies!  I would so love to take art lessons so I could develop the talents God has given me.  For now, I stick to the occasional pencil drawing, painting walls in the house and of course, murals at church. 

This is my very first mural.  It is HUGE!  My Dad drew it and I painted it.  Since I had not painted anything since I was a kid, this was a monumental task for me.  At times, I even shook from being nervous!  It turned out great and I am very pleased.

(I blanked out the faces of the innocent.)

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created...

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