How I Save Money ~ Part 1

One of the main ways that I save money is buying used items.  What do I buy used?  Just about everything!  That's right!  Furniture, clothes, shoes, household items, cars, books, etc. 

In this post, I am going to focus on my latest finds - shoes.  I spent about $55 dollars on a pair of new shoes from a very nice shoe store just a couple of years ago.  At the end of last winter, they really needed replaced.  They were looking quite rugged and didn't stand up to my nice outfits.

...so... I hit the used stores!  Salvation Army is my main store but I often find great shoes at the GoodWill Store also.  To be honest, GoodWill is a bit more pricey so I tend to look there last.

All of my finds are VERY comfortable (even the stiletto).  I am at that point in my life... sigh.
Here are my finds for this winter:

This is the "needed" shoe. I can wear it when I need to be on
my feet for a long time and can wear it with socks.
PRICE:  $3.50

Boots:  $3.29 (sorry, pic won't turn)

Shoe for my husband - leather
(He is into the stylish long toe!)
PRICE:  $5.00

Totally NOT needed shoe - leather
PRICE:  $2.50

Not needed shoe - good for church
PRICE:  $2.50

This is the shoe that I have waited 2 summers for!  I liked this style
and refused to pay $55 dollars so I waited... and waited.
FINALLY, they found their way to the used store.
PRICE:  $2.50

No, I'm not a shoe freak but I could be if I wanted to!  I don't pay much for my shoes.  God has blessed me with good "finds". 

Coming UP:  How I Save Money ~ Part 2

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