How to make a corsage ~ Another way I save money!

It is soooo much cheaper making corsages than buying them ~ not to mention a lot of fun! 

My supplies

I went to the flower section of a grocery store and they had corsages already made.  They were very simple, had one rose, and were not very attractive corsages.  Price:  $11  I know that corsages are a lot more than that at the florist. 

I can make 12 corsages out of:
1 dozen roses
1 bouquet of carnations
1 bouquet of baby's breath
1 ($4) spool of wired edge ribbon
1 spool of florist tape
1 package of 22-24 gage wire

Total cost of supplies:  $25
Cost per corsage:  $2.00

I have been making corsages for Mother's Day for years now.  Out of one dozen roses, I can get anywhere from 6 to 12 corsages.

Here are some of the corsages that I made:

How to make a simple corsage:

How to make a corsage bow:

More advanced corsage:

Let me know if you try this and I will post your pics!!

1 comment:

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is great...I needed this when I was buying all those prom corsages...oh, my, do they get high.

Blessings and thanks for all your money saving tips.

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