Ideas ~ It Takes Faith

I'm An Entrepreneur!

One night, I was at church (the mega church that we visit) and the Pastor was praying over the people for God's blessing. (I received that in Jesus' Name!!) He said something that stuck with me.  He said, "God is going to give someone ideas on how to make money."  (Or something like that!)  I knew what was spoken was meant for ME!

Two weeks ago, I was shopping at a thrift store that I frequent and all of a sudden, I had a thought to look at the baby clothes.  ?  I'm not pregnant and I don't have a baby.  There is a particular item that drew my attention.  As I looked this item over, I thought that it may sell for more on EBAY.

I went home and prayed about this and researched to see what sells on EBAY and how to sell things on EBAY.  There is plenty of advise out there, just Google it!

The next day, I decided to invest $30 into my new business.  Now, $30 may not be much to you but for someone like me... every dollar counts.  It's not that I'm poor... I'm just... frugal!  I DON'T LIKE TO SPEND a lot on ANYTHING!

It was scary investing $30.  I don't want to waste.  I want to be VERY careful with the resources that God has lovingly entrusted me with.  That $30 could go to Mission India. (A missions project my kids are working on.)  That money could go to many single moms in our church to help them with gas money.  There are a BUNCH of places that it is needed.

That's when FAITH has to step into the picture.  Faith that God gave me the idea.  Faith that the prophecy spoken was a seed planted in my spirit.  Faith that since God gave me the idea, the items WILL sell for a great profit!

One of the items is being watched by 4 people and once it sells, it will make up half of what I invested!!!  God is in this!  If  WHEN I sell 2-3 of my items, I will make up the money spent on 11 items!

FAITH takes work.  You can't say you have FAITH and then sit.  FAITH is an action word.  Without FAITH it is impossible to please God.  Impossible.  That's a huge word.  I want to please Him and I want to show Him my FAITH! 

This is just a small step.  I know that God will bless this new venture for me but I also know it's about something more.  This is just one small step in His GREAT plan.  He has more for me and I will walk in it!

Are you showing your FAITH?  How?

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Kitchen Belleicious said...

Great blog and love the way your sharing the word. Jesus is good all the time! amen! Found you through your giveaway on the other blog and love both! Hope to be back often and congrats on investing in your business. Faith is all it takes!

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