It is possible ~ 30 Day Marriage Challenge

Remember when you were young and first dating your husband?  Do you remember when he first went to hold your hand or kiss you and you got all excited inside?  (I realize that some people do wait until they are married for that.)  Those hormones started to flow and just a touch sent you into space. 

Unfortunately, after being married for a while, that has a tendancy to go away BUT it doesn't have to!!  You can get it back but it starts with a mindset.  First you have to change your mind.  We women are good at that so it shouldn't be too hard!

Marriage is a journey.  It has ups and downs and the ups need to start somewhere.  Would you like to begin to have more ups?

A good place to start:

1. Pray that God will put the spark back into your marriage.
2. Read what the Bible has to say about being a good wife and begin to apply it.
3. Start by respecting your husband.  Give him praise and honor him even if he is not acting honorable.
4. Do the 30 Day Challenge (click the link below and print the document) and pray for your husband.

30 Day Challenge PDF

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