My Bloggy Friend ~ Danielle ~ HOPE

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!  I am soooooo happy for a bloggy friend of mine!  If ANYONE can identify it's ME!

Meet my friend Danielle.  She too is a blogger and wife to a pastor/evangelist.  Danielle blogs at We Don't Have It All Together but Together We Have It All and Life In Him.

What's her story?  Well, I'll give you a snip-it and then you can go to her blog to read the rest.  She was/is living in her mother-in-law's house.  Her MIL hasn't been living there but her stuff is there.  ?  MIL decided to move back into the house!  (Definitely a different circumstance... You can read all about it!)  Danielle has been living out of boxes for 2 years.  NO fun!

Possibly today, she might get to move out of her MIL's house!!  I am soooo excited for her!  I can't stand it!  She loves the new house and is so excited about having closets, cabinets, and a beautiful kitchen.

For 2 years, we lived in my in-law's basement.  I TOTALLY know all about living out of boxes and not having closets!  My In-laws were extremely gracious and we will be grateful forever.

Then, we moved into a beautiful home only to have landlords who were terrible.  (They took advantage of us for what little we had.)  We were forced to move out of there after only 8 months. :(  Now, we are in an old farmhouse.  Sounds good enough.  There are several rooms and places in this house that we can't use.  Why? The landlord's dead parent's stuff is STILL in there!  The last one died over 10 years ago!  Oh yeah, and there is a stove that isn't ours in our yard.... LOL!   (There are some good things about living here though!  Really!)

One time, God blessed us with various items ~ some of which we have outgrown and I could use to bless others.  (I do love to bless others.)  We can't really access them because they aren't with us.  We have to pay storage fees to store our blessings!!!!  That is NO fun!

Ok so, back to Danielle.  I couldn't be more excited for her - as if it were me moving!!  I can identify with her so much!  Her story gives me more hope.  Hope that some day, we will be able to function in our own place with our blessings!

Blessings to you, Danielle.  I prayed for you and your family this morning.

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