Stepping Out In Faith ~ Starbucks here I come!

Today, I saw a woman in Starbucks with Rosacea.  I KNEW I had to talk to her about it but it was very scary.  How do you approach a complete stranger to talk about and point out a disease that they obviously have?

Well, I did it and she was receptive.  When I got out to my car, my insides were shaking, I was all worked up about to cry, and my PITS were soaked.  (That's what happens to me when the Holy Spirit comes on me strong.)  I then realized how that was a huge test from the LORD among other things.

I stepped out in faith and He was there.  Duhh!  I told the woman about how God has healed me from Rosacea and how awesome it is.  I told her about the Daniel Fast and explained what that meant in the Bible.

He is soooo awesome! ...even when He sends a test!

I'd like to show you some pictures of what my Rosacea looked like.  Often times, my face would drip puss or blood. When I didn't have makeup on, you could see tons of welt like bumps and it looked like someone took a hot iron to me cheeks.  My face was swelling and starting to change shape.  I was even starting to get bumps on the edge of my eye lids.

I am well because God has healed me!  "Your faith has made you well."

I am going to tell the world!

Look if you dare!  (these aren't me.  i looked for some photos that were similar)

rosacea skin condition on face
photo credit

photo credit

Now you may understand why it would be hard to walk up to a stranger and talk to them about this very sensitive topic.  If God enters the conversation, it makes it all worth while!

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