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My Version of the Pressure Cooker

Have you ever used a pressure cooker?  I once saw my mother in law put a roast in one and before I knew it, that thing was cooked, falling apart, and absolutely delicious.

I work best under pressure.  It seems as though I turn out the best stuff when I have just a few days or even hours to get it done!  Sometimes it is my own fault for waiting (because I like it) but other times it's because something has been plopped into my lap (top)... like tonight!

Over the past few months our church has been reading a book called, "Sun Stand Still."  In it, Steven Furtick challenges people to discover what their "page 23 vision" is for their life.  Where is God calling you?  What is that thing that He is asking you to step out on faith to do?  Joshua prayed an audacious prayer and asked God to make the sun stand still, and God answered with a yes!  Ultimately it was all for His glory.

My pastor, who happens to be my husband, has challenged us to pray audacious prayers.  Big prayers.  Gigantic prayers!  He has challenged us to step out on faith with God and go where only He can lead us.   

So I bet you're wondering what my page 23 vision is.  What is the big thing that God will have me to do?  I'll give you a hint.  It has something to do with going to the Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference.  This conference is a biggie!  It's for writers, speakers and women's ministry leaders.  So, all of you ladies who like to blab speak and have a message from God to share, go check it out!

I have a message to share.  God is stirrin it up and I've got to tell others.  Miracles are happening; people like me are steppin out in faith and finding God there! 

In the past few weeks, God has given me pieces of several messages, Scripture included, and I need to learn how to put them together.  I need to learn how to speak so that people will listen and be moved to make changes in their lives.  I even bought a digital voice recorder so I can get the words out as I am inspired and won't have to take the time to write it.

So far, I have spoken to the women at church and also in Sunday night small groups.  Since I lead worship at our church, I'm able to speak into people's lives that way also.  It would be extremely beneficial, to myself and those I serve, to have training from Proverbs 31 Ministries!

In my pursuit of proper training, I discovered the Cecil Murphy Scholarship for She Speaks!  I found all of the information and links on Karen Ehman's blog.  So, I entered the contest to win the scholarship... at 11:50 PM... and the contest ends at 12:00!  I told you I work best under pressure.  This one just fell into my lap an hour and a half before the deadline.  Praise the Lord!

Karen, I think you should pick me for this scholarship. I have a new platform to speak from (literally) because our church is growing and relocating.  I have an excitement about God that is contagious and desire to go to the next level.  God has given me a message to share and I need to learn how to share it!

I have a passion to see lives transformed by the miraculous power of God.  I want others to be inspired by faith stories from the Bible and from people living today. I want to encourage people to have faith! After all, "without faith it is impossible to please God." (Hebrews 11:6)

Kingdom Blessings,


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