I was mindin my own business, going to water my garden.  It was about 9 PM and I just got out of church.  As I rounded the corner of the house, I saw something moving in the dark.  It came running toward me through the weeds.  As it got to the corner, it snorted and growled at me!

Normally, this would have startled me;  I might have started yelling at the demon in Jesus' name and pleading the blood!  But this was no demon and I wasn't startled!  So what was it?  This growling, snarling, fast running creature was a beefy raccoon!  That's right!

It was the funniest thing.  He came around the corner growling at me for turning the sprinkler on him!  That butterball thumped as he ran across the driveway and crashed face first into the six foot gate, but that didn't stop him!  Somehow, he got his chubby behind up that six foot gate and over he went!

Not only did I make him mad, but I think I may have embarrassed him by laughing at him.  I let out a good belly laugh the whole time.  Poor fat fellow!

So I got to thinkin.  Why wasn't I startled?  Why did I find a growling creature running at me in the dark funny? (Hilarious actually!)  I'll tell ya what I think.  I had just spent three hours at church.  This wasn't just any church service.  We praised, rejoiced, called on the power of the Holy Spirit, and just flat kicked the devil OUT!  He is medlin in too many marriages and we aren't gonna take it!  The Holy Spirit had put me at such peace that it was going to take a lot more than a fat-n-furious raccoon to rattle me!

Spend time with God.  He is your peace!

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