Living in the Ooops

I was at church recently (the one we visit) and heard a sermon.  The pastor touched on living a disciplined life.  Boy, that struck a nerve.  I like to be organized and not live life with everything up in the air, but there is more I can do.  I have times of laziness.  I have times of being sloppy.  If I've said it once, I've said it twice... "OOps, I meant to do that last week."

I don't like living in the oops.  Oops isn't disciplined.  Ooops is lazy.  When some people hear the words "disciplined life"  they may think that means "rules, structure, and no Holy Spirit."  That's not the case at all.  If it were, the Bible wouldn't tell us that we need to live disciplined!

God has plenty to say about being disciplined and not being lazy.  There are plenty of Proverbs and parables that tell us how to live a disciplined life.  Pick one of them and learn from it!

I want more of what God has for me. I love living "in Him."  I want to show God that I am am serious.  I want to show Him that I can be faithful in "little."

So, what will a more disciplined life look like for me?  Well, I'm a list maker so that's a great place for me to start.  I need reminders!  I am going to use a daily "to do list" to help me accomplish the tasks that easily get swept into "oops."

Not only will the to do list help me remember the extra things that I need to do, but I will be able to look back on me week and see all of the great things I got done.  

How do you live a disciplined life?  Is this something that you are working on or is it something that you need help with?

Here is a PDF on living a disciplined life.


Beautiful Mess said...

Working on...for too long OOP! hahah

Great post!

Beautiful Mess said...

This is one of my favorite bloggers: this one reminded me of your post :)


Sassy Granny ... said...

What a timely and clever collection of thought for me today. This week the Lord has reminded me (again) that seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness is the starting line for intentional (and disciplined) living. All-too-often I start with a cleverly crafted design of my own: a sure route to "oops".

Great post!

Angie Vik said...

I can sure relate to what you're talking about, but I'm so unorganized that I don't dare give anyone advise. Hope you're able to gain some ground.

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