Love's Immensity ~ Beautiful!

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I want to encourage you to read this book!  It is enlightening, deep, and beautifully written.  I am completely intrigued with Bertha Carr-Harris and can't find any info on her!

This is what I know:
She was an author from Canada  

That's it!  That's all I can find.  :(

Chapter 1 page 20-

“How beautiful is light!  How mysterious in its colours and warmth!  How gladdening!  How all-pervasive!  How pure!  How life-giving and healing!”
Bertha then goes off!  She tells about scientist and astronomers and their findings, about how awesome God is.  She tells about the stars and the sun.  I love it!  A woman in 1927 talking about scientific things like telescopes and billions of stars just cracks me up.  She mentioned a cube of sodium being made up of “molecules arranged in nine million layers, each layer containing nine million rows, and each row nine million molecules standing side by side or seven-hundred-and-twenty-nine quintillions of molecules.”  This woman was in awe of God!

She gets on her soapbox of creation vs evolution.  She quotes people like Darwin and H.G. Wells.  Basically, she says how stupid it is to believe in evolution (of course she says it much more eloquently than I) and that it takes more science to believe in a Creator!  You go girl! 
Bertha Carr-Harris was a woman ahead of her time.

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