The Name ~ Love's Immensity

I am reading a book entitled "Love's Immensity" by Carr-Harris (1927).  As he "unfolds God's revelation of Himself through His marvellous Hebrew Names" I am captivated to say the least.

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There's just something about "the Name."  HaShem: The Name  The name that is above every name.  It draws me deep.  I want to know more.  Oh Spirit, draw me deeper into the Word.  Deeper.  Deeper as I dig in to your Hebrew language.

A beautiful quote to peak your interest:

"In the following pages, unfolding GOD'S revelation of Himself through His marvellous Hebrew Names, may be found the secret of heaven begun on earth, the love of a Father which comes to those who believe, in "overflowing fulness," the love of a Bridegroom-- the most intimate love conceivable--personal, private, intense, absolutely unselfish and always sweetly fresh--a love that delighted to make the largest possible sacrifice for us--that anticipated our every need and stored heaven and earth and land and sea with provision for us--a love that suffers keenly through a lack of responsiveness--a love that grows ever sweeter, fuller, deeper.  The love that pours forth from His wondrous Names is like the fragrance of flowers."

May you be filled with His love today.  May your heart know HaShem ~ The Name!

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Christie Cottage said...

I have not read a book in a long while This one sounds wonderful!


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