What's New at Everything Beautiful?

I am so excited!  (Nothing unusual for me...)  The ladies at church keep asking when are they going to get to see my jewelry.  Well, the time is almost here.  I am having my debut party in less than 2 weeks.  Am I ready for that?  Uhhhhh not yet but I will be.

I set some goals and made some lists and tomorrow I am sending out the invites.  Today, I printed a desktop calendar (I know it's paper.  Don't even go there!) and filled it in so I can get more focused.  You can see it here:  printable calendar.  On top of it all, I need to make some more jewelry!  LOL!  So get off this computer and get busy, girl!

I did have a HUGE order that I'll be finishing up in the next week.  A girl ordered 18 custom hand stamped necklaces for her MOPS group.  What a great gift and a wonderful way to end their season before summer.  

Here is a sample of what I've done lately.  Make sure you get your order in for Mother's Day SOON!  It's sneakin up on us!

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Sassy Granny ... said...

What creative talent! I've no doubt your business will flourish.

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