Remembering Back

My dear beautiful friend, Jen, at the Beautiful Mess blog posted a pic from when she was young.  I thought it would be fun to do!

Not that I'm a super model now but... so that you don't think I still look like that (the old pic) I am going to post a new pic with it.  LOL!

...and speaking of pics.  I need to redo this blog header.  I don't have blond hair anymore.  My hair is now dark brown (closer to what it is suppossed to be) with a purple hint.

Me (left) and my girlfriend from 4th grade.
We were about 18 years old.

Me and my grandma just a few months ago.

Me and hubs last fall.

How bout you?  If you post some old pics of yourself, leave a comment and link so we can see!


Mary said...

Fun pictures! Your pretty, Miss Janet.

Beautiful Mess said...

LOVE it!

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