Yeah! These items have sold:

 These items have all sold in my Etsy jewelry store!  Everything Beautiful ~ Jewelry by Janet Powers

The top necklace just sold this morning.  Praise the Lord, since He is the One who gave me this design idea (which is copyrighted)!! Hallelujah!

If you like any of the designs, or would like something similar, let me know.  I can make another.

Jewelry from Everything Beautiful ~ Jewelry by Janet Powers make GREAT gifts!

1 Corinthians 13

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Handmade Jewelry
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Christie Cottage said...

Hoorah for your sale, but more than that, Hoorah for giving God the praise!

I sold something today too (not on etsy) and thanked God immediately!

God is good!


Miss Janet said...

Yes! He has been so good to me... (singing that!)


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