Everything Beautiful ~ Recently sold jewelry items

These items were recently sold in my shop and in person.  I thought you could share in my excitement!  
It is such a privilege to make jewelry gifts for people.  
What a blessing...

The top two pics are the best sellers both in my shop and in person.  
Let your faith grow like a mustard seed!

I had the privilege of selling 3 of these to a very loved friend of mine. 
I just got an order for 29 of these awesome little blessings!

This one was purchased by a church friend as a gift for her
relative that LOVES purple!

This one was purchased by a lady at church because she loves the one my mom wears all the time.
Thanks mom!!

Necklaces such as this are sold by my business partner.

This is the "his & hers" set.  
I'd like to make more "his & hers." Do you have
any ideas for me?  ;)

It was my privilege to sell this to a pastor
for his wife. via Etsy!

These little pearl bracelets are going like hot cakes right now!

1 comment:

Sassy Granny ... said...

I just love to see how individual creativity makes its way to the surface of our lives. Yours is an amazing gift!

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