About Me according to Double E! (son 2)

4 years ago I asked my boys these same questions so I thought it would be interesting to ask again!  The first time Double E answered these he was 10.  Go ahead.. do the math!    

Let me tell you, he was way off on some of these.  I think he knew me better when he was 10!!

How old is your mom? 41
What is the color of your mother’s hair? Uhhhhh... ummmm...brown
What is her favorite color? Purple
What is her favorite thing to do around the house? Clean and make jewelry.
What is your mom’s favorite drink? Probably lemon tea?
What is her favorite thing to eat? Salad.
What is her favorite TV show? 700 Club.
What is her favorite thing to cook? Flapjacks.  LOL
What is your mother’s favorite candy? Gummy bears
What time does your mother get up? Like, six? (he wouldn't know, he's still in bed!)
What time does she go to bed? Uhhh...about 10
How long does it take for your mom to get ready? 40 minutes.
I really love it when my mom... has breakfast ready.
My mom likes to wear... purple.
My mom always tells me.... I love you.
The best thing she does is... loves me.
It makes her happy when I..... do stuff before she asks.
My mom loves to relax by..... watch TV and play on Etsy (my jewelry shop).
When shopping, my mom likes to buy.... shirts.
If she could go on a trip, she would go... see the Northern Lights.
I love my mom because.... she makes lunch... because she asks me these questions, she loves me?

... Interesting answers this time.  Stinker!  Just about every answer had to do with food, the first time anyway.  (I didn't type those though.)  After all, he is a growing teen boy!  

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Sarah said...

This is too fun ... I just might borrow this idea and have my kids answer for mom!

Thanks for splashing with us and linking up to splash other mommas as well.

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Be blessed bunches,

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