About Me According to Espresso

I found this interview in a post by "H Mama" on her blog Family Team and I thought it would be a good way to start off my first post on my new blog!

A little about me from the eyes of Espresso:
How old is your mom? 36
What is the color of your mother’s hair? Brownish blond What is her favorite color? Pink
What is her favorite thing to do around the house? Being with her family.
What is your mom’s favorite drink? Coffee or water.
What is her favorite thing to eat? Mexican food.
What is her favorite TV show? 700 Club.
What is her favorite thing to cook? Salad or lasagna.

What is your mother’s favorite candy? Dark chocolate with espresso beans.
What time does your mother get up? 8:00/8:30.
What time does she go to bed? I don't know! I'm not able to see what time she goes to bed!
How long does it take for your mom to get ready? 30/40 minutes.
I really love it when my mom... goes on a walk with us cause that's fun.
My mom likes to wear... pajamas?
My mom always tells me.... put my dishes away when I'm done.
The best thing she does is... says she loves me.
It makes her happy when I..... obey the first time. (and then he chuckled)
My mom loves to relax by..... reading a book.
When shopping, my mom likes to buy.... clothes.
If she could go on a trip, she would go... to that island way out in the middle of the ocean... Bora Bora!
I love my mom because.... she's nice and loving and she's my mom.

Well... ok... so... it's not all totally acurate but he does know me pretty well.


Annie Blake said...

My, your handsome espresso's sure do look like their Latte Lady :)

I love this interview idea! I love that both boys have a different answer to question #1 :D

I think Dylan will enjoy this too, lazy bones is still in bed (it's 8:50am here ...the joys of home schooling), hmm I wonder what his answers would be?

Jan Mader said...

I love the interview idea too! Your new blog is awesome (of course)!

You just gave me an idea for a writing exercise...I'll post next week when I get through with this show.

Glad you like my animal blog. I'm hoping people will share their animal stories there too!

Talk to you soon...Jan

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