Are you in first place or second?

Dream Latte and I went for a walk yesterday. We had, what I thought, was an interesting conversation. I asked him if I was in second place in his life. I wasn't asking out of jealousy. I wasn't suspicious of him. I just wanted to be reassured that I was in second place and not first!

Some of you may know why I want to be second in my husband's life but others may be curious as to what I desire to be second to. God... I want to be second only to God. I wanted to make sure that, yes, he takes what I say into consideration but first and foremost he listens to what God is saying. I do not want to rank above God, ever!

That can be hard for a woman to hear at first but the more you allow Jesus into your own life the easier it gets. God should come before spouse, work, children, church influence, friends, hobbies, and anything else that you focus on in a day.

So, go ahead and try it. Put Jesus before all that you do and everyone that you love and see what happens.

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