Going To Church

For us, going to church is a little different than it is for most people. Being that Dream Latte is a pastor, (great name for a pastor, don't you think?) church has a different feel than it would normally. Sometimes, we go to church for fun! That's right, FUN! We find a larger church that has service on Saturday night and we "go to church".

Your pastor may need a time of refreshing, even if it is just for an evening of relaxation and hearing from the Lord. I'd like to make a suggestion. Get together with some caring people and figure out how you can bless your pastor. It will knock his socks off! (That could be gross...)

Here are some suggestions:

Have your children make some cards for him
Send him and his family e-cards or encouraging emails
Pray for him as a group and send him a card telling him that you did
ASK him what you can pray for specifically (then ask his wife!!!!!)
Take his family a cake or a dinner
Take up a collection for dinner for him and his wife
Take up a collection and send him and his wife out on a couple day sabbatical

If anyone has any other neat ideas, please comment them and I will post them. Thank you!

FYI: No, these aren't suggestions for our congregation! (They don't read my blog.)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Great suggestions! I would certainly welcome a cake or meal or whatever blessing the Lord would send my way!

You have a great blog! I like the Saturday night church idea. We seldom receive ministry ourselves, but we do love serving others. It would be nice, though, to have a little vacation.

Many blessings to you. From one pastor's wife to another,


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