Garage Sales!

Hello garage salers, or would that be sailors? (People who like to go to garage sales and have garage sales.) Anyway... I 'd like to throw a little something your way. I know people have all kinds of reasons to get rid of their treasures (junk) and make a little money in the process.

Have you ever thought of giving it away instead of selling it? Just a thought... You could think of someone who could use such items and give the "items" to them. Do you know a single mom at church or maybe a neighbor who could use the item?

What if you have something of value and you give IT away? What if you list it on Craig's List under the "FREE" heading and after giving it to the person who comes to get it, tell them about Jesus. Tell them how Jesus gave a wonderful FREE gift to us.
It is more blessed to give than receive.
Just some thoughts. Happy sailing! ... or saling...

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Rachelle said...

Latte Lady - You are so right... it was Romans 11.

I was also reading last night from the New Living Translation. I really like this translation right now... I spend a bunch of time on BibleGateway.com and I love to read the different translations.... So interesting to me. Thanks!

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