Girl Time!

Oh my goodness! I got some much needed girl time the other day. My cousins were more than happy to I mean gracious enough to lend their little girl to me. (She is the one with blond hair in the middle of the picture below.)

I needed to do some running around to make some returns and get Father's Day gifts. (More about that later.) I asked if E could come with me. Of course she said yes (doing anything to go anywhere away from her older siblings).

I brought along Fish Crackers, water and "healthy" oatmeal cookies. I bought her a little, purse sized reusable bag, sunglasses and a White Castle burger (I'm a big spender). She sat herself in the middle of the back seat and thought she was the Queen of the Nile perched up on her car seat.

You know, I would love to have a girl someday. I have Biblical femininity qualities that I desire to pass on! Well, for now, I'll just have to pass them on to everyone else's girls!

Father's Day gifts: I was soooo excited to come across these good deals! I used 2 JC Penny coupons and shopped their sale that they are having. I was able to get my husband 2 outfits that WOULD have cost me $95 for ONLY $21!!!!!! Wow! I am proud of my coupon shopping to say the least!

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