Confusing the enemy - Weekend Worship

I listen to this song and worship as I sit here thinking about the long hard week we had.

Fevers as high as 103.4
Painful stabs in stomach
Aches all over
Temperatures dropping too low
Son turned gray
MANY visits to the "throne room"
Muscle aches from dehydration
Pounding headaches lasting for days
Extreme fatigue
Out of the mind
Couldn't walk at times
Weak bodies

My God carried us in our exhaustion.  He was there to comfort us through the pain.  I knew His name was near.  I sang out, "Yeshu  u  a....".  I even made up a song to Yahweh.

I will confuse the enemy with my worship.

Holy Spirit Rain Down


Catherine Anne said...

Great post~

Beautiful Mess said...

Halleluia! Praise God!

Thank you sister for this song!

Love it! Favorite from the past :))

I love the quote! Resonates....

Thank you!

Love Jen

momtofivekids said...

Keep clinging to him and worshiping! Thank you Lord for carrying Janet.

Deborah Ann said...

Even though things are drooping right now, your fervent desire for the Lord will carry you all the way to the mountain peaks!

Beautiful Mess said...

Contact required asap. Missing you! Praying for you!

Love me

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