Blessings, our Maker and Jean

Of course, at times, we are blessers.  Just when we think we are going to do the blessing, someone comes along and blesses us!

We went to the "soup kitchen" in Chicago again to feed the homeless and those in need.  The volunteers (bless their hearts) all gathered for prayer and began to pray.  Prayers went up to our God asking Him to fill our mouths with the right words and lead us to the people that He is already at work in so that we could be used to bless in Jesus' name. 

Many, many times, the Holy Spirit leads us (the volunteers) to speak into somebody's life and or pray with them.  Many, many times, people have given their lives to God right there on the spot.  Sometimes, we are just giving someone a little smile and encouragement.
Then came the blessing.

I was delivering full plates to the tables and was in quite a rush.  Some of these people haven't eaten and are HUNGRY with a capital H. 

... and then I met her... the one who blessed me from my head to my toes.  Picture her - poor looking, dark skin, mangled teeth with a large mouth AND the most ABSOLUTELY hugest smile ooozing Jesus!

I am going to call her "Jean".  Jean tried to tell me something as I gave her table the plates.  She was so soft spoken that I couldn't hear her.  After I finished putting down the plates, I leaned in to her and she repeated what she said.

Jean blessed me up and down, inside and out.  She said, "God blesses you.  He always will bless you."  I agreed and told her that He is blessing me right now.  Jean said, "Yes.  He is." and then she proceeded to ooooooze God's blessing to me - some of which I couldn't hear but knew in my spirit what she was saying.

I started to cry.  I knew that she was Heaven sent.  I was having a perfectly fine day and God, the Maker of the universe, sent Jean to bless ME!  All of those poor and homeless in that room and I was blessed.  I often wonder if she is an angel. 

Oh God, Father in Heaven, Maker of everything, Yahweh my God, thank you.

Isn't He sooo amazing?  Words can not even begin to describe.

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