I praise Him

Yahweh ~ (Yahweh is God's personal name.  Just like my name is Janet, He has a name.  Yahweh.)

For His blessings ~ both physical and spiritual
For the way He blessed yesterday ~ He REBUKED the devourer (Malachi 3:11)
For good times with our family
For God speaking through Scripture
For the new book I'm reading ~ Supernatural Childbirth
For God building my faith
For the Espressos getting into musical instruments
For the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7-11)

What are you praising Him for today?


Anonymous said...

...for home school being done for the year! Yea! ...and the opportunnity to be able to home school!

online rent payment said...

A real nice post one of my favorites of today. We should be thankful to gods for his kindness and for the things he has given to us.

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