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What are you getting out of "life"?  Is your life handing you a bunch of junk?  Maybe it's time to plant better seeds so that you will reap a better harvest.  Yes, it's going to take some time.  Yes, it is, most definitely, a LOT of work!  Is it worth it to you?

We want a strong move of God in our family, so we are planting to receive such a harvest.  We want God's blessings on our lives, so we are planting to receive such a harvest.  We want our boys to "rise above" so we are planting to receive such a harvest.

If you plant negativity, you WILL receive negativity.  If you plant goodness, you WILL receive goodness.  If you plant into the Kingdom of God, you WILL receive His riches.

Over and over in the Bible you find the "IF/THEN" principle.  IF you do this ____, then God will do this ____.   So many times we want God's this _____ without putting in our IF ____!!!!!

It doesn't work that way!  Work within God's ways and you will receive from Him.  If you try to work in what you think or feel, you will receive from someone other than God.


I found a type of poem and thought I'd post part of it for you.

If you plant honesty, You will reap trust
If you plant perseverance, You will reap victory
If you plant hard work, You will reap success
If you plant patience, You will reap improvements
If you plant faith, You will reap miracles

But If you plant dishonesty, You will reap distrust.
If you plant pride, You will reap destruction
If you plant envy, You will reap trouble
If you plant gossip, You will reap enemies
If you plant sin, You will reap guilt

So be careful what you plant now,
It will determine what you will reap tomorrow,
The seeds you now scatter,
Will make life worse or better, your life or the ones who will come after.

You Reap What You Sew!!

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good post...it is raining outside so that reminds me that the Holy Spirit will water the seeds, if we allow Him to...I need to look at the fruit in my life and see if there is some weeding to be done before the planting!

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