Are you having fun yet? Fun in the Son!

So many things to do!  We have tons of choices of how to spend our precious summer.

I get so excited when the sunshine starts to peak out from the winter sky and the air starts to smell like spring.  If you live anywhere in the north, you know what I'm talking about.  I love it when we have that one warm day and we can go take a walk.  My hopes for summer start to rise and then get dashed by a winter-like day.

In my past, I have wasted summers.  I have gone through depressions that kept me inside.  How sad is that?  This has actually happened to me a few times.  Before I knew it, it was winter again and I had hardly spent any time at all outside in the precious sunshine.

This summer has already been different.  Not only have I spent time outside in the SUNshine but I am having fun in the SON!  Having fun with God is a lifestyle.  One way that I have fun in the SON is by believing what He says in His Word.

It's great to believe that Jesus died for you and was raised to life, but your belief should go much deeper than that!  To be honest with you, that is the easy part!  The hard part is to actually believe God for the rest of what He says in the Bible.

It takes faith; lots of faith!

So, what have you been doing this summer to have fun in the SUN and/or fun in the SON?

Here are some highlights of what I've done so far:

  • Grew seeds for my garden
  • Planted my garden
  • Painted our deck
  • Having/had big parties

  • Went to see Creflo Dollar in Chicago
  • Am growing in my prophetic gifting
  • Read through several books of the Bible and dug deeper into the Greek/Hebrew
  • Watch Creflo Dollar with my husband every morning
  • Got more creative in leading worship at church

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