Fasting ~ Part 3

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There are several benefits to fasting, especially total food fasting and doing the Daniel Fast.  (Daniel Fast Food List PDF)

Read full (Microsoft Word) article here:  Why Do the "Daniel Fast"
1.  Fasting supercharges our efforts to accomplish God’s purposes2.  Fasting helps develop a spiritual hunger for God. 3.  Fasting can help revitalize an area of our spiritual life that seems sluggish and resistant the change God desires to see in us as followers of Christ.4.  Fasting promotes a disciplined lifestyle, one that is more conducive to living a life of spiritual purity before God. 5.  The closely-related discipline of prayer is enhanced 6.  Fasting has physical benefits as well. 7.  “Corporate” or church-wide fasts can also be a time of detoxification for a congregation.  

  • Since finishing my last fast, benefits are still lingering.  
  • I am more hungry for God and even more "on fire" than I was before.  
  • I have a better sense of discipline in my life.  (Who doesn't need more of that?)
  • I've maintained my weight loss and am continuing to lose.
  • I have waaaaaaayyyy more energy.
  • Because of these benefits, I am getting a lot more done.  

You don't need more hours in the day!  
You need to fast!
You don't need energy drinks!
You need to fast!
You don't need anit-lazy pills!
You need to fast!
You don't need unnecessary medications!
You need to fast!
You don't need to be a BEGGAR in God's Kingdom!
You need to fast!

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