Proud Mama Moment

There they were, both of our boys, side by side, serving the poor and homeless in Chicago. (They are the blurry ones on the left.)

Espresso has had the privilege of going with us a couple of times before. (More photos here:  Blessed to Be a Blessing)  He is a great example to his brother who finally got to go for the first time.

You should have seen him.  It was hard for Double E to contain himself all day just knowing that he was going to get to go.  He loves people and loves to serve.  Once we got there, he was higher than a kite!  He was going all around (when he wasn't working) talking to everyone doing anything he could to help.

What a night.  Our family of 4 was there, serving together, as well as both of my parents.  What a blessing to be passing the baton of being Jesus' hands and feet!


Angie Vik said...

It's neat that you were able to do something like that as a family. How nice that it was something your boys enjoyed.

I went to Green Lake last spring. Are you going to the conference center? It's a really neat place.

Have a good weekend.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

What a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. Your children sound like they have very caring hearts.

Jackie said...

This is so special!! Such a great way to spend time together and something I'd like my family to do together now that my youngest is getting a little older. Also, Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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