Why do Christian kids leave the "faith?"

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The stats are staggering!

Do you know how many kids are leaving the "faith" or the "church?"  This is not something that we should ignore and stick our heads in the sand!

The following is quoted from Conversant Life:
Percentage of Christian kids leaving the church

Sheila Gregory wrote this post "5 Steps to Raising a Child Who Will Stay Christian" which spurred my investigation, opinions, and now a post.  (Thank you Sheila from To Love Honor & Vaccum.)

(The following is taken from my comment on her post with some additions.)

My honest belief as to why Christian kids leave the church is because they don't see the power of God in the lives around them including their parents.  I believe that if kids saw miracles happening in the lives around them, if kids saw the blessing and favor of God on a regular basis, they would "choose life."  Deut. 30:19

How are they supposed to "choose life" if they never see it?

How many hours a week are most Christian kids in church?  Maybe 2? That's the "faithfuls" who go once a week.  How many hours are most kids in school?  About 35.   What is the average TV usage by kids per week? 28 hours. (LA Times Newspaper)

So what does that equal for the year? 

Church (if they don't miss even one):  104 hours / year
School (if they are only there for the typical school day): about 1200 hours / year.
TV: 1456 hours / year.

So, why are Christian kids leaving "the faith?"  It's really not a mystery.

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