Proverbs 31 Jewelry ~ Customer Story: Kim

I'd like to introduce you to a customer. Her name is Kim... well...she's not really here but if she checks this FB, I'd love for her to say hi! She said I could share her story here. 

A couple of months ago Kim contacted me looking for something that says "P31." She said, "I want to be reminded of Proverbs 31 without broadcasting it."

Kim told me she had a head injury that took her hearing so she has to sign. She wanted a bracelet that wasn't too dangly or distracting.

After talking for a while, and I got to know her needs and likes, I came up with this bracelet.

*Pink glass pearl beads

*Tiny stainless steel rectangle (that doesn't dangle)
*Stamped with P31

After Kim got her package, she sent me this message: Hi -

It is beautiful (the P31 bracelet) - thank you.
God bless and wishing you happy days!

Kim, thank you for coming to EB and giving me the privilege of making your special piece for you. May you be reminded that you are a woman of valor, strength, and courage!


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