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In a lot of homes in the good ol' USA, the TV is on ALL DAY LONG! Some people don't ever turn it off. It is a constant noise. Tip: Turn off the TV and turn on some nice music.
We have a nice stereo/jam box that we keep in the living room area. After a little while of TV, I turn it off and turn on some piano, praise and worship music. It's just soft music to have going in the background. The music creates a calm atmosphere that is so relaxing.
This really isn't a "back to school" tip but it could be if you want it to be! Try doing this during the school day. Music is great therapy and gets your brain going.
Works For Me!! If you do something like this, please share!
For more WFMW tips: see We Are That Family!

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Veggiemomof2 said...

This is my favorite post of all time! I absolutely LOVE the silence.

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